Work of Blanka Adensamová



Lyricism and romanticism

The main theme is mostly love. The sculptures are made of crystal glass blown into a firm mould. At first, the sculptures are given shape in clay. According to that, an inverse wedge mould with air holes is made, produced from several separate parts, with handles. Grinding and cutting follows the blowing. Thereafter, different symbols and artefacts from glass and other materials are put into the skeleton of the sculpture. All is finalized by adding wooden or metal base/pedestal.


Searching for shape and constructivism

Still the preparations in clay; she stops blowing and starts using the melted-glass technique. She manages herself two furnaces in the Southern Bohemia.

The programme:
constructivism x shapelessness
materialism x idealism
She tries to enliven the materialistic rational and construction-orientated (geometry) world, which she has always had problems with, by emotions and dreams.


Mystics and irrationalism

The main theme: "Angeles" She returns towards religion in which she grew up. She is getting interested in as many spiritual spheres as possible. She slowly starts with yoga and meditation.

She goes on in the melted-glass technique.

1st decade

Dream and the reality

Regularly doing yoga, she thematically picks up on her experiences from several visits to Japan. She is trying to complete the thought of contrasts.

dream x reality
rationality x irrationality
constructivism x shapelessness
materialism x idealism
brutality x gentleness
surrealism try-outs
She still stays at the technique of melted glass.